PhDr. Helena Hnilicová, Ph.D

PhDr. Helena Hnilicová, Ph.D

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She is  involved in public health education of the  medical students,  dental medicine and other health professionals  at First Faculty of Medicine, Charles University in Prague.  Her  research activities are  focused on the social health determinants  related  specifically to migration and quality of life in general.  Currently, she participates at  migration related  health policy research  managed on the EU level which aims to promote the adoption and implementation of policies responding to  increased diversity of the European population. She is also Czech Republic National Consultant for the  Equi-Health project managed by the IOM dealing with fostering health provision for migrants, the Roma, and other vulnerable groups.


  • Charles University in Prague,Faculty of Philosophy,  Education and Psychology
  • Czechoslovak Academy of Science . J.A. Komesky Institute of Educatuion
  • Postgraduate training in public health, Institute of Postgraduate Medical Education
  • PhD in Social Medicine at Charle University, Medical School in Pilsen
  • Scholarship in public health education and research: College of Public Health, Univerzity of South Florida, Tampa, USA; School of Medicine, University of Nevada, Reno, USA
  • Implementing Health Care Reforms in Europe, 3th Dubrovnik Summer School – European Observatory Group
  • Executive Health Care Management Course – international educational programme supported by  Project HOPE Foundation, Millwood, Virginia, USA

Practical experience  after graduation

  • 1977 – 1983:  Czechoslovak Academy of Sciences, J.A. Komensky Education Institute,  researcher
  • 1983  – 1998 (full time); 1998  – 2009 (part time): Institute of Postgraduate Medical Education in Prague, School of Public Health –  assistant professor, researcher
  • 1998  – up to now: Charles University , First Faculty of Medicine,  Institute of Public Health and Medical Law, Deputy Head of the Institute, senior lecturer

Research projects:

  • 2014:  EQUI Health Roma: “Fostering health provision for migrants, the Roma, and other vulnerable groups“, International Organization of Migration,  national consultant
  • 2013 – 2015:   COST ADAPT – Action IS 1103: “Adapting health systems to diversity”, Member of the Committee
  • 2010 – 2011:   Project of the Charles University, Faculty of Social Sciences No.  112410  granted by the Grant Agency of the  Charles University  (GAUK) “Czech migration related health policy in the international context“  – researcher
  • 2010: Project of the Charles University, First Faculty of Medicine „ Exchange of  experience about responsive health care for migrants from third countries“ granted  by the  European Integration Fund –  health insurance expert
  • 2009: Project EU  Eatwell  – Czech Republic coordinator of the  Report on Healthy Eating Policy in the Czech Republic.
  • 2007  – 2009: Project MIGHEALTHNET (Network on Good Practice in Health Care for Migrants and  Minorities in Europe) – international project EU granted by the  European Commission  – DG SANCO  –  project manager of the Czech part
  • 2004  – 2006: Project “  The Risk of the outflow of doctors and IT specialists from the Czech Republic to other countries ” in the framework of larger research project (2004-2008, MPSV/1J)  „Modern society and its changes “  –  researcher
  • 2004  – 2006:  Project No   C1 0113/04-DP „ Violence in the Health care  and social services“  in frame of the  „Modern society and its changes“,-  researcher
  • 2004  – 2006: Project IGA MZ CR No NR 8119-3/2004 “ Health status of homeless people in the Czech Republic” –  researcher
  • 1999  – 2004:   Research project  of the  Charles University in Prague – First Faculty of Medicine “ Goals of Medicine a and Quality of Life”, No. CEZ:J13/98:111100007  – researcher
  • 1997-1999: IGA MZ ČR No 4384-2  “Patient satisfaction as a part of quality assurance in the health care” – principal investigator

Membership in scientific associations

  • Social Medicine and Healthcare Management  Association of the  Jan Evangelista Purkyne Czech Medical Society – member of the executive  committee;
  • European migration network

Selected publications

  • HNILICOVÁ, H., BENCKO, V.  (2005) Kvalita života  – vymezení pojmu a jeho uplatnění v medicíně a ve zdravotnictví (Quality of Life and its Application in Medicine and  Healthcare). Praktický lékař, 2005, roč. 85, č. 11, s. 656-661.
  • HNILICOVÁ, H., VAVREČKOVÁ, J., DOBIÁŠOVÁ, K. (2008)  Migrační tendence u českých lékařů (Migration Trends Among Czech Physicians). Časopis lékařů českých.  2008, roč. 147, č. 1, s. 49-54. ISSN: 0008-7335.
  • HNILICOVÁ, H, DOBIÁŠOVÁ, K.  (2009) Zpráva o stavu zdraví a zdravotní péči pro migranty v ČR
  • (Migrants´s Health and Healthcare in the Czech Republic.  State of Art Report), MIGHEALTHNET/CZ [online] dostupné na
  • JANEČKOVÁ H.,  HNILICOVÁ H. (2009) Úvod do veřejného zdravotnictví (Introduction to Public Health). Praha: Portál, 2009, 293 s.
  • Hnilicová, H., Hnilica, K.: Revolutionary experience In  Leo Bormans and the authors: World Book of Happiness, Lanoo Vitgeverij, TIELT, Belgium  2010, ISBN 978902099242 7; D/2010/ 45/ 338
  • HNILICOVÁ, H. DOBIÁŠOVÁ, K.  (2011) Migrants  Health and Access to Healthcare in the Czech Republic, Cent Eur J Public Health; 2011, 129 (3): 134 -138
  • QUINN, J., MENSAH,E., HNILICOVÁ, H., BENCKO, V.  (2011): Iraqi Physicians Brain Drain in Prolonged Conflict. The New Iraqi Journal of Medicine, April 2011; 7(1) 86-98
  • HNILICOVÁ, H., DOBIÁŠOVÁ, K. (2012) :  Migrants’ Access to Healthcare in the Czech Republic. Ethical challenges.  In Westra, L., Soskolne,  C. L. ,  Spady D. W.  (Editors) :  Human Health and Ecological Integrity: Ethics, Law and Human Rights. Routlege, Taylor and Francis Group, pp 132 – 141,  2012 New York



Department of Social Geography and Regional Development,

Faculty of Science on the Charles University in Prague
Albertov 6
128 43 Prague 2



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