Queer geography: Commodification, segregation and globalization of sexual identities in cities? (GA UK n. 1092214)

RNDr. Michal Pitoňák; Doc. RNDr. Bc. Jana Spilková, Ph.D.

2014-2015 – Grantová agentura Univerzity Karlovy

Project summary:

Heteronormativity and relations between people of different sexualities influence socio-spatial organization of minorities. This differs accordingly to cultural, political and economic conditions of the monitored region. Works of foreign authors show that Central-European development differs from the ‘western’ one and thus ‘western theories‘ do not apply fully to local processes. This project aims to study socio-spatial organization of sexual minorities, specifically the potential segregation, commodification and globalization of their subcultural lives. Most common gay/lesbian commercial spaces will be critically analysed and important factors for their presence ascertained. Meanings of these spaces for LGBT people socialization together with influences on sexual identity formation and/or negotiation, their impact upon subversion or confirmation of heteronormativity will be determined. Potentials for ‘pink economy’ development in Prague’s Vinohrady district will be studied, specifically regarding the possible local ‘gay village’ formation. Project aims to give answers regarding the possible existence of queer spaces and their ascribed sex-norms deconstructive qualities, how these differ from ‘common gay/lesbian spaces’? Where are these spaces, what do they look like, who frequents them and are they spatio-temporarily stable? Space created during the Prague Pride will be studied in this respect. Both quantitative and qualitative methodologies, questionnaires and interviews will be utilized.


PITOŇÁK, M. (2015): Queer space(s). In: MATOUŠEK, R. and OSMAN, R. (eds.): Prostor(y) geografie. Karolinum.

GABIAM, K., PITOŇÁK, M. (2014): Economic, cultural and social factors influencing the development of gay businesses and places: Evidence from the European Union. Moravian Geographical Reports, 22, č. 3, s. 2–17. (IF=0.341).

PITOŇÁK, M. (2014): Urban spatiality in the context of (homo/hetero)sexuality: Introduction to a theoretical debate in geographies of sexualities. Geografie, 119, No. 2, pp. 179–198.(IF=0.787).

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Department of Social Geography and Regional Development,

Faculty of Science on the Charles University in Prague
Albertov 6
128 43 Prague 2



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