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Regional analysis of Occupational Diseases in the Automotive Industry in Czechia and the case study of Medical Geography

RNDr. Jan Jarolímek, Ph.D., MBA

prof. RNDr. Dagmar Dzúrová, CSc.

2015 – 2016, Grantová agentura Univerzity Karlovy

Project summary:

For fulfilling the national protection strategy, health promotion and illness prevention, it is necessary to know the distribution of particular illnesses, including the factors affecting their occurrence. Very little attention has been paid to territorial differences in the occurrence of occupational diseases in Czechia. The proposed research addresses this issue, especially in relation to the distribution of the automotive industry.

The main objective of the paper is to understand factors that influence the level of occurrence of occupational diseases and analyse these factors in the context of distribution of automotive industry in the Czech Republic – mainly using localization theories and taking into consideration the position of the firms in the system of supply chains (as parts of global production networks) and to create a potential typology of these regions. Another objective is to analyse social-economic determinants of the occurrence of the occupational diseases from the perspective of medical geography and health geography.

The project is related to our previous research (mostly Jarolímek, 2013 or Jarolímek and Urban, 2014). The originality of the project is the possibility to focus on the different problems of social and socio-spatial discrepancies of the occurrence of occupational diseases from different points of views, in some cases aiming at linking the social aspects involved, and eventually also an attempt to produce a synthesis of the research problem.

On the basis of this knowledge and key problems identification, there will be recommendations formulated in a scientific way.


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