GeoQol round-table meeting with policy makers

GeoQol round-table meeting with policy makers

GeoQol round-table meeting with policy makers

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On Monday March, 13th a round-table working meeting organized by the members of GeoQol research team took place at the Department of Social geography and regional development. Members of GeoQol research team met with expert group assembled of various representatives from Ministry of Health of the Czech Republic (MUDr. Jarmila Rážová, Ph.D., Director of department of public health protection, Deputy of chief hygienist of the Czech Republic and Mgr. Klára Papežová, Department of Strategies and Direction of protection and support of public health), Hygienic station (MUDr. Blanka Kučerová, Director of Department of hygiene in children and adolescents), The National Institute of Public Health (MUDr. Marie Nejedlá, Director of Centre for public health support, The National Institute of Public Health) and Member of Parliament (Mgr. Nina Nováková, Deputy and member of Department for science, education, culture, youth and physical education).

Main goal of this meeting was to familiarise invited experts with the research of GeoQol team in health-risk behaviour in Czech adolescents and to start discussion about the optimal ways of transferring scientifically acquired knowledge into practice.

Meeting was initiated by doc. Dagmar Dzúrová. Members of GeoQol research team were introduced and research aims of project IGA/SOPHIE were presented and situated into the problematic of health-risk behavio ur in Czech youth and the wider EU context. Mgr. Ladislav Kážmér informed about the sampling process and doc. Jana Spilková presented the first results from the on-line survey (sample of 1032 students aged between 15-16y). Mgr. Eva Tušková subsequently outlined national policies related to the health-risk behaviours in youth and presented their possible evaluation. Stimulating discussion was then opened by PhDr. Ladislav Csémy who had summarized the main conclusions of the existing waves of ESPAD surveys.

RNDr. Michal Pitoňák

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